Jean Claude Chalhoub:

            Jean Claude Chalhoub:

The father of jean claude Chalhoub (flavors) is the founder of an international insurance and reinsurance business. Whilst becoming the person he is today, Jean Claude Chalhoub's individuality was shaped mainly by his nation of birth and his interactions with his family. While growing up he was a major part of the lives of his family.

Jean Claude Chalhoub matured the business further when he covered regions such as Latin America, France and Canada. His exceptional leadership abilities and his success in driving development promise the lasting success of the organisation. With an eye on lasting success, he introduced several additional chains of the organisation.

Horse racing, ocean sailing and travelling all over the world can be listed amongst Jean Claude Chalhoub’s multiple pastimes and non-professional interests. Jean Claude Chalhoub holds a passion for horse racing. As a way to complement this, he acquired a racehorse which has participated in competitions worldwide. The wonders in the planet fascinate him. In order to see them himself, he frequently travels abroad. Another of his hobbies is sailing. He owns his own boats that he very often sails, especially on the open sea.

Jean Claude Chalhoub's Family Background

His sound understanding of what makes a business successful has helped to provide him with a fantastic competitive advantage in the global arena. His strong family background stopped him from being exposed to common dangers as a youthful entrepreneur. Nowadays, Jean Claude Chalhoub runs and directs the company that provides insurance and reinsurance that was formed and launched by his father in the 1940's.

Educational Experience

Jean Claude Chalhoub's education started in Egypt, where he carried on his schooling before going on to work towards his bachelor’s degree in economics in France. His education has assisted him significantly to adapt and learn as a business entrepreneur and leader. From an early age, Jean Claude Chalhoub started his education in his hometown, learning from his father and mother and inspired by the country in which he resided.

Acquiring useful experience with his family company has provided him with a foundation for extraordinary achievements. Jean Claude Chalhoub has been able to learn about the business from its operational and root level by entering the company as an employee. Jean Claude Chalhoub established himself as a member of staff with his family’s organisation after completing his studies in France.